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American Samoa Coastal Management Program

To promote management of natural & cultural resources by conducting environmental review of land use activities, initiating participatory planning, enhancing & restoring special areas, & educating through public outreach to preserve the coastal zone.

The American Samoa Coastal Management Program (ASCMP) provides effective resource management for the protection, maintenance, enhancement, and restoration of natural and cultural resources for the Territory. Additionally, ASCMP is tasked with monitoring development within the framework of comprehensive land and resource use planning while simultaneously protecting the territory’s natural resources.

ASCMP plays a central role in  promoting development while safeguarding the Territory’s natural resources. ASCMP is engaged at an inter-agency and inter-governmental level. ASCMP also works closely with members of the private sector and community to build stewardship and awareness in the territory.

ASCMP Sections


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Coast Weeks 2015

It’s that time of year again…  The 2015 Coastweeks launches the PALS (People, Air, Land, and Sea) Initiative, a Government-wide celebration in October and November. Through the Department of Commerce Coastal Management Program, Coast Weeks 2015 celebrates American Samoa’s most important natural resource, the coasts. The Department of Commerce Coastal Management Program invites you to …

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Coast Weeks 2017

 2017 Coastweeks is here again! Join the fun this September 18th to the 30th by registering in one or all of our activities, workshops, and annual canoe races or kayak relays to celebrate the efforts everyone makes to keep our environment clean and preserve our natural resources. Come one! Come all!  Keep checking back for updates and news via …

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Geographic Information System

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and IT branch of the Department of Commerce provides in-house technical support along with GIS data, maps, and expertise for the Department and for other government agencies. CLICK TO ACCESS THE GIS WEB PORTAL: GIS Users Group Created by the GIS/IT branch is a GIS user group which includes eight …

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Project Notification and Review System

The Land Use Permitting section for the Department of Commerce is where the public would apply for a land use permit for any type construction in American Samoa. The Department of Commerce reviews land use permits considering public health, safety, and environmental impacts. We have a web portal online for viewing any proposed project site …

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2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan

2015 Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan for American Samoa The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) has approved a new update of American Samoa’s Territorial Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) for 2015-2020.  Prepared and approved by the American Samoa Hazard Mitigation Council, the HMP describes and assesses risks related to flooding, landslides, coastal erosion, tropical storms, storm surges, climate …

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